The 10 Best Podcasts about Digital Transformation In 2021: Automation Talks Podcast List #1

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Written by: Raquel Tavares  linkedin  (4-min reading)

See the best podcast to keep up with digital transformation and the rest of the world.

Our latest project Automation Talks is a podcast where we believe the world around us is changing way quicker than expected. Artificial intelligence, automation, and robotics will make this shift as significant as the shift towards mechanization in prior generations of agriculture and manufacturing.

While some jobs will be lost, and many others created, almost all will change! We will all change as a society. This podcast is a space for genuine and insightful conversations where humans discuss the future of their species in an era of machines, automation, and AI.

Our host, João Fernandes, alongside our invited guest speakers, will discuss the impact of the most bleeding-edge technology.

Was your New Year’s resolution this year to listen to more podcasts? We have the perfect solution for you. At the end of each episode, we always have a challenge—the automation challenge. We challenge our guests to recommend a podcast to listen to, a book to read, and a person to meet or learn about. Here are the recommendations of the first 10 podcast for you to listen to:

ricardo ribeiro

In the first episode, Ricardo Ribeiro, responsible for Montepio Crédito's technology and innovation area, recommended Business Lab from MIT Technology.

It´s a very interesting 30-minute conversation focused on technology topics that matter to today’s enterprise decision-makers. Laurel Ruma, U.S. Custom Content Director of MIT Technology Review, is the host

rui pedro alves

Rui Pedro Alves, CEO of the group Rupeal, was the second guest to participate in this challenge. To those who want to focus on personal development, he recommends the Portuguese podcast, “Inspiração para uma vida mágica.”

We don't need to get angry in the middle of traffic, do a boring job for money, or have an unhappy love life. Listen to the podcast to learn more about the difficulties of making a choice in the madness of our everyday lives

For International listeners, he recommends the podcastThe School of Greatness.” Led by Lewis Howes, the guests are leaders in different areas and topics such as entrepreneurship, fitness, mindset, and even relationships

roberto machado

Roberto Machado, CEO of Subvisual, mentioned in this episode of Automation Talks the challenges of managing a startup, recommending his very own podcast Product on the Rocks,” as a project that he is very committed and passionate about.

This is a Portuguese podcast led by Manuel and Martinho Aragão, with discussions around product management (focused on the challenges and successes of managing products) to guests on product management and every struggle and win that one comes across while managing a product. 

afonso eça

30 por uma linhawas the podcast recommended by Afonso Eça, CEO and Founder of Raize.

A Portuguese project that brings together three guys in their 30´s speaking freely about everything, including American elections, economic,  political, and social issues, without any association with any political party.

luis newton

The president of the Council of Estrela (Portugal) Luís Newton, recommended “O Parágrafo,” a podcast that he listens to more often.

It´s a very interesting summarized political analysis that aims to simplify an area that is already very complicated by nature. It´s two friends talking without any filters about politics topics, like the importance of voting, the American elections, or even the pandora box that is North Korea

rita casimiro

Leaving the reality of startups and technology for a little bit, Rita Casimiro from Maze, suggested the “Alpha Podcast.”

An American podcast with several topics in mind, like the impact investment, looking at the trends we are going to see in 2021, talking about deep tech investments, or even food system resilience in the face of climate change and COVID

joao fernandes

Our CEO João Fernandes has two favorite podcasts. One that is very well knowed in Portugal: , “O Maluco Beleza” from Rui Unas.

This is a podcast that is known to be the pioneer in the industry, as one of the firsts to record an hour and thirty-minute interview It was one of the main inspirations for Automation Talks

The second podcast is to share the value of Portugal Podcasts, it´s “O Resto é História.” The episodes have one objective—to talk about the history of the world and to make it what it deserves to be: exciting, passionate, divisive, and controversial.

manuel e goncalo abreu

Marco Silva, AI Ambassador and a pioneer on AI thought leadership and growth in the Portuguese market from Microsoft, and Gonçalo Abreu, the Founder of Alfredo AI, both, recommended a podcast that focuses on conversations about AI, science, technology, culture, philosophy, and the essence of knowledge, awareness, love, and strength, “Lex Fridman.”

Lex is a great host of long-standing discussions. The guests are fascinating, on the cutting edge of their respective sectors, and are very engaging.

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