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A podcast where we talk about the future of
digital transformation and AI, seeking
answers to all the unknown questions.

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Our Guests

tiago mendo

João Cardoso linkedin

In this episode, we talked with Joao Cardoso about innovation trends in the insurance industry and how INSURTECHs are revolutionizing traditional business models.

joao moura

Pedro Troia linkedin

We spoke about the data platform and how Farfetch is making its technology available to other brands and revolutionizing the digital retail of luxury brands.

tiago mendo

Tiago Mendo linkedin

We talked about the impact of Cybersecurity on our daily lives, trying to demystify the topic and present some strategies that we can use to keep our online presence safer

joao moura

João Moura linkedin

We talked about fraud in digital payments and how that impacts banks, merchants and consumers. And also how we can effectively catch fraud detection.

goncalo abreu

Orlando Costa linkedin

A conversation about open banking and PSD2 trends and how these are impacting the relationship of individuals in companies.

manuel nunes

Ricardo Henriques linkedin

We talked about the use of process mining in the analysis and how this process can be an automation catalyst supporting a large-scale RPA project.

goncalo abreu

Manuel Dias linkedin

A conversation about data exploration, through Business Intelligence or AI, within a business context and the public administration.

manuel nunes

Pedro Oliveira linkedin

Exploring the technological trends about the future of work, market dynamics and the changes in professional careers.

goncalo abreu

Gonçalo Abreu linkedin

In this episode, we will uncover how AI and Big Data are helping the real estate market and how intelligent data aggregation works.

manuel nunes

Manuel Nunes linkedin

Explore the history of RPA and its current impacts on how organizations begin to develop a robotic workforce through these technologies.

joao fernandes

João Fernandes linkedin

Addressing the impact on the creation of digital transformation projects as well as the difficulties of founding a startup.

marco silva

Marco Silva linkedin

Addressing topics related to the latest trends in Low-Code AI, and the importance of AI in the future and in Microsoft's global strategy.

luis newton

Luís Newton linkedin

A conversation about the innovation in public administration and the importance that it has in developing closer ties between local government and its citizens.

rita casimiro

Rita Casimiro linkedin

We debate about how the social impact has captured the attention of many investment funds, and if these initiatives are just a publicity stunt.

roberto machado

Roberto Machado linkedin

A discussion about the acceleration of startups in the areas of fintech, health tech and the challenges that these highly regulated markets bring to startups.

afonso eca

Afonso Eça linkedin

There are challenges of launching projects in markets that have tight regulation which are inherent however, they can also work for the benefit of startups.

Ricardo ribeiro

Ricardo Ribeiro linkedin

Debating the digital transformation in the banking industry and how they are keeping up to date with the new data economy.

rui pedro alves

Rui Pedro Alves linkedin

A discussion about the actions taken by the IT sector and how these can be shared in order to be prepared for the future role of employees.