Professional Services

Implementing a hyper-automation program can be a challenging task. From strategy to execution, it often touches a number of business critical processes as well as many applications and technologies.

Our team is specifically focused on Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) bundled with other hyper-automation initiatives like RPA or BPM.

Many hyper-automation initiatives fall short of expectations precisely because organizations cannot unlock vital information within paper documents.

DocDigitizer Professional Services are here to help guide you on that journey, proposing where, when and how to deploy a sound intelligent document processing implementation while connecting it with our hyper-automation solutions like Robot Process Automation (RPA) and Business Process Modeling (BPM), as well any other automation tool or platform.

Our Professional Services team runs all project phases:



First we determine the status of the current environment and analyze impact of an IDP implementation to create the desire future scenario. Our customers cite our team´s experience in implementing end-to-end IDP programs as a boon to identifying critical aspects that might be overlooked by those inexperience in IDP.



Together we will design a short, medium and long term vision plan for hyper-automation and intelligent document processing. DocDigitizer sees IDP as a real transformation tool. It can be used for much more than simply cutting costs or building a leaner process. In a significant number of cases, a completely new customer experience is outlined that provide ways of increasing revenue, reducing costs and increasing global customer satisfaction.



Implementing IDP is a transformation process usually with several phases. A careful plan must be in place to account for modifications in several applications hat may be required and processes that interconnect. Also as you deploy some hyper-automation layers, new opportunities arise.



DocDigitizer helps you in the actual journey of making IDP and hyper-automation happen in all phases, from deploy the service to integration with your own business applications. Because implementation is not limited to information systems, we help you in managing transition strategy of the human capital present in back offices before the IDP implementation.



Building a hyper-automation and IDP strategy is an ongoing strategy. Interesting enough, just like processes, robots may become obsolete and become a liability, limiting the reach and power of IDP. DocDigitizer support program rides allows your organization to continue to extract the most of IDP and automation.