Join the DocDigitizer Partner Program


DocDigitizer has a strong and growing global community of partners who advocate for DocDigitizer and reap the benefits.
Here are just a few reasons to consider becoming a DocDigitizer Partner:

Digital Transformation


With DocDigitzer, information from your documents becomes actionable from day one.
This enables your customers to execute a digital transformation strategy without delays.

100% Accurate Data


Unlike OCR technology solutions, DocDigitizer guarantees the quality of our data extraction.
Our team of curators ensures that you don’t need to deploy complex and costly revision operations.



Find a scale that fits your needs with no entry or setup costs.
Unlock any number of proofs-of-concept and reduce your sales cycle.

Scale Fast


Scaling is totally transparent for both partners and customers.
Simply send more documents to receive curated and re-structured data in return.

A huge number of Digital Transformation projects run into a critical roadblock regarding data handling, actionable data, and data quality.
DocDigitizer solves all three seamlessly in record time.

1 Day to Benchmark


In competitive bidding, DocDigitizer proves its value in a single day.
Competitive OCR solutions and operations could take weeks or months to run a PoC.

100% Accuracy Guaranteed


While other OCRs on average provide full document data accuracy of 40% to 60%, we guarantee 100% data quality.

? Would you want to deploy an RPA process that transfers the incorrect amount to the wrong bank account number? Absolutely not.

ZERO Setup. Fully Self-Service


No fields definition, document templating, or revision stations deployment required. Just send documents via API and receive curated results.

Below are average key metrics from our partners

Sales Conversion

Cross / Upsell

Increased Profitability

60 days large Enterprise

50% Increase in Digital Transformation Sales

Scrap OCR Revision Costs and Operations

30 Days Medium Company
1 Week SMEs

Acquire DT Customers 4x Times Faster

Simplify and Streamline Tech Architecture

Partnership Programs




For: Integrators and Consultancy Companies


Real Projects Deployed:

  • Credit and Account Onboarding
  • AML / KYC
  • Quote Competitive Bidding
  • Invoicing and Accounting
  • Employees Documents
  • Expenses Management


Are you building your customer’s next digitally enhanced business, process, or platform?

Are you deploying an RPA process?

Are you integrating multiple platforms that required data contained inside documents?

ISV – Independent Software Vendor


For: Independent Software Vendors


Real Projects Deployed:

  • Full Accounting Reconciliation (invoices, banks, and accounting)
  • AML and KYC as a Service


Are you building a Vertical Cloud Solution?

Are you building a product that requires a fire-and-forget solution to retrieve information from documents?

Do you have a recurring subscription or license revenue model?


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