Document Automation For
Financial Services

Speed up your lending decisions, managing risk and fraud with AI-driven document automation

Banks lose

of business due to lead time on KYC.

+90% of
KYC processes

still require humans to validate or correct the AI.

AI accuracy
of 80%,

90% or even higher does not impact loan lead time.

Why DocDigitizer?

3x Faster
KYC Processes

Combining machine learning with built-in human-in-the-loop validation and fraud control allows banks to reduce KYC processes from hours to a few minutes.

40% hours given
back to sales

DocDigitizer fully replaces any human oversight allowing returning back a significant number of hours that are now being cannibalized with low value added task and can be use for sales.

6x Faster to Deploy
vs Competition

Leveraging its pre-built trained models, training-on-the-fly and integration API you can avoid costly and complex setup processes deploying and days with (near) 100% accuracy from day 1.

Flexible Integration

Seamlessly integrate DocDigitizer with leading Intelligent Automation platforms, enhancing your workflow efficiency and data accuracy.

Ui Path
SS&C Blueprism
Automation Anywhere

KYC Automation

DocDigitizer accelerates the verification and onboarding of customers while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.


Loan Processing

DocDigitizer improves efficiency, reduces manual effort, and enables faster decision-making in loan origination and underwriting.


DocDigitizer can assist in mortgage and loan servicing activities by automatically extracting and processing documents related to loan modifications, refinancing, payment histories, and borrower communications.

Account Opening

Account Opening

DocDigitizer facilitates the automation of account opening processes by extracting data from customer documents like application forms, identification proofs, and address verification.


Document Classification

Document Classification

DocDigitizer analyzes and classifies all types of documentation submitted by your applicants, including parseable PDFs, scans, and smartphone images.


Support to Any Layout

DocDigitizer can adapt and recognize different layouts, extracting relevant information accurately regardless of the document's structure or formatting, thereby providing robust support for documents with any layout.

Enterprise grade security

Enterprise grade security

DocDigitizer prioritizes enterprise-grade security measures to safeguard sensitive data, ensuring robust data protection, encryption, access controls, and compliance with industry standards and regulations such as HIPPA and GDPR.

Data quality

Data Quality SLA

DocDigitizer's data quality SLA ensures a high standard of accuracy and reliability in the extracted data from processed documents of +99% accuracy over any fields extracted.


Integration API

DocDigitizer offers a robust Integration API that enables seamless integration with existing systems, allowing for streamlined data exchange and workflow automation.


Fraud Control

DocDigitizer has the capability to intelligently extract and merge data from fields and tables that span across multiple pages within an invoice, ensuring accurate and complete data capture even in complex document layouts.

Overcome Traditional OCR Challenges

Our all-in-one Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) API delivers an instant time-to-value experience, offering a full data-as-a-service model that simplifies and streamlines your document management process such as you can overcome traditional OCR challenges.

Unpredictable Document Layouts

DocDigitizer provides support to any layout and different formats such as such as PDFs, scanned images, or even photographs. Our pre-built models and built-in training-on-the-fly make it possible to process any document and accurately extract relevant information always with +99% accuracy.

Process Lead Time

Even with advanced OCR/IDP tools the extracted data from the documents may require validation and review by human operators. This is the major source of costs and delays. With DocDigitizer built-in training on the fly we are able to deliver +99% accuracy near to realtime without the need to deploy your people for exception handling.

Fraud Detection

Fraudsters can exploit this lack of human scrutiny to slip through fraudulent applications or bypass security measures. DocDigitizer deploys advanced fraud checking methods augmented by human-in-the-loop when needed to reduce the risk of fraud in mission critical processes.