DocDigitizer Sales
Professional Certification

About this Course

Create a predictable & repeatable sales model for selling DocDigitizer’s Intelligent Document Processing platform

We’ll light up your blindspots on Intelligent Document Processing so that you can become a better Intelligent Automation sales leader, right away. Every sales hustler deserves to win. This sales process course gets you there.

We’ll save you a lot of time by providing you with sales script templates, cold email templates, objecting handling tactics, and key video resources so you can sell (and scale) faster.

Upon its completion, you’ll be able to seamlessly navigate through complex Intelligent Document Processing sales cycles.

Length: 4 sessions

Effort: 1 hour per session

Price: FREE (for DocDigitizer Partners)

Lecturer: João Fernandes

Format: Online

Level: Introductory

Language: English

Who this course is for

This course is designed for B2B salespeople, pre-sales consultants, and delivery managers who sell or support the sale process of Robot Process Automation, Intelligent Automation, or Digital Transformation services or products.


  • You must be familiar with RPA or other automation solutions.
  • Willingness to apply the techniques rather than just watching the videos.
  • No tech or SW development background is needed.
  • Minimum 3 attendees.

Course Content Modules

  • Course Intro – Setting up expectations, timeline, and goals for this course.
  • What is Intelligent Automation
  • What is Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)
  • Relevant trends and market opportunities.
  • IDP landscape
  • What is DocDigitizer
  • Main differences Vs competition
  • When should you use DocDigitizer when you should not.
  • Success Stories
  • Buying Personas
  • DocDigitizer Sales Cycle.
  • DocDigitizer Key Sales Resources.
  • Structure of a Discovery Call.
  • Lead Qualification Framework.
  • Handling Objections.
  • How to discuss an IDP business case.
  • Sales call review and discussion.
  • Sales call roleplay.
  • Discussion of your opportunities and use case.
  • Define your go-to-market next steps.

Certification Awarded

DocDigitizer Sales
Profissional Certified

How to Enroll?

Contact your partner success manager
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