What is?

The DocDigitizer Classifier is a rapid document classification tool that accurately identifies the type of document, such as contracts, invoices, or ID documents, without requiring human intervention. Its primary aim is to streamline digital transformation initiatives.

We developed this classifier as a solution for situations where businesses and IT departments require document type information, but a full Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) deployment is not necessary or suitable.

The DocDigitizer Classifier can determine the document type and extract associated metadata without the need for a comprehensive IDP solution. It offers two versions:

  • Standard, which can be installed on either the cloud or on-premises with a connection to the cloud for the OCR engine
  • Vault, which is installed solely on-premises and runs the OCR engine locally, ensuring zero connection to the internet for enhanced security of highly sensitive data.

Designed to analyze recurring, real-time samples of incoming documents and their attached metadata, the DocDigitizer Classifier is particularly well-suited for large companies and enterprises that handle substantial document volumes. It utilizes self-learning capabilities and is ideal for scenarios where rapid processing is required without the need for the very high accuracy (over 99.99%).

Typical use cases for the DocDigitizer Classifier include

  • Ingesting documents from multiple sources and performing initial categorization
  • Prioritizing documents for processing
  • Handling historic document databases.
  • Digital customer interactions where customers upload or send documents
  • Reorganizing internal document databases
  • Classifying and indexing internal document repositories.

The DocDigitizer Classifier is agnostic of document storage and source, and DocDigitizer provides drivers to connect with common sources such as the cloud, filesystem, Office 365, and Google Workspace. With its small infrastructure footprint, it is an ideal choice for business and IT teams looking to deploy tactical document processing solutions without incurring the high costs and complexities associated with full-scale IDP projects.

The pricing structure of the DocDigitizer Classifier ensures a low processing cost per document, making it a cost-effective choice for organizations seeking efficient document classification capabilities.