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#1: Ultimate Guide to Document Processing: Redefining Intelligent Data Capture

Intelligent document processing takes data capture and management to the next level. Companies are able to capture, extract, and process information from a wide range of document formats.

Technology has made it possible for AI-powered algorithms to scan, read, and understand digital and physical documents as humans do.

#2: Hyper-Automation: Learn All of the Components and Trends

The capabilities of advanced iBPMS applications are critical to making your plan a reality. These tools make it simple to get processes up and running, and they provide wizards to help align with other framework components.

In a nutshell, they have organizational power. However, one method is insufficient to launch a hyper-automated framework.

#3: IDP Fast-TrackQuick Start Guide

Intelligent Document processing is one of the best solutions to support your digital transformation. But one thing is to understand the benefits of IDP, and another is to implement and scale IDP.

To successfully implement IDP, you should define an IDP journey tailored to your specific needs, maturity level, technical and operational resources, and organization size.

In this e-book, you will find a comprehensive, proven framework that you implement to ignite your IDP journey.