Employee Onboarding

For large operations, the onboarding process of a new employee takes a considerable amount of time. A multitude of employee data must be extracted and processed from a number of documents like ID, proof of address, bank statements for bank account validation and do so on.

Multiply that single employee onboarding to thousands and the costs start mounting up. DocDigitizer is here to help by automatically extracting the required information for HR and ERP systems.


In Action

Just upload the several documents related to an employee hiring and onboarding into DocDigitizer and it will return the required employee data via API in a way that can be automated by your ERP and HR systems.



DocDigitizer has a major impact on HR operations by:

  • Freeing often overloaded HR personnel from data entry tasks;
  • Automating validation tasks often done by HR personnel;

We estimate that DocDigitizer saves between 50% to 60% of the time spent in the HR onboarding process.