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Report: Hype Cycle for Natural Language by Gartner

DocDigitizer is mentioned in the most recent Gartner report Hype Cycle for Natural Language in the Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) chapter. We are proud to be mentioned as a vendor in this technology category that is already targeting 20% to 50% of the companies.

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DocDigitizer referenced in the July 2021 Gartner Hype Cycle for Natural Language Technologies report.

Gartner states that Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) is a mainstream technology with immediate adoption in the next 2 years of 20%-50% of the companies

In today’s increasing digital and automated world, the ability to handle data exchanged inside documents is becoming more critical.

Organizations that rely on traditional back office operations or data processing are struggling;

  • Overcome market disruptions and respond with new innovative services
  • Provide high quality customer service in a timely manner with a new normal of customers expecting real time answers, from old BPO operations to real time data extraction and processing.
  • Overcome the exponential increase of variety of documents and formats, that old OCR and IDP cannot cope with.
  • Manage scale-up and scale-down flexibility for the entire data processing flow, eliminating the bottleneck of internal human resources.

How can you select the best IDP platform for your organization’s needs?

Gartner Hype Cycle for Natural Language Technologies provides an insightful view of the several technologies around the information extraction, handling and understanding related to natural language.

In a crowded environment DocDigitizer takes a unique approach by dramatically simplifying the IDP and Data Extraction process. As Gartner says: “Intelligent document processing is increasingly important to create operationally efficiencies in business processes that need to extract information from semistructured and unstructured data for further analysis”.

DocDigitizer simplified IDP adoption by a true focus on businesses: “just send DocDigitizer a document via API. Get extracted and validated data with human-in-the-loop”.


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