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No development or deployment
Zero set-up and Pay-Per-Use Model

Choose the best plan for your business


for small companies and low volume


per user/month

  • Real Time AI Data Extraction
  • Self-Service Data Validation
  • Integration API
  • Invoices (with line itens)
  • Runs on Cloud
  • Pre-Built ERP Connectors
  • Email, Could Drives document ingest
  • Western Languages


for managing a backoffice load


up to 500 docs / month

Everything in Starter plus:

  • (near) 100% Data Validation
  • Data Validation SLAs
  • Complex Document Types and Schemas
  • Any Document Format
  • Multi Page Documents
  • FTP, DMS integration


to support heavy uses cases

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Everything in Business plus:

  • Runs on Cloud, OnPrem
  • Unlimited Documents Types and Schemas
  • Pre-Built RPA, Low-Code, ERP, BPM and ECM integrations

We combine our proprietary cognitive AI/ML data capture engine with the quality that can come only from the human touch. The tight integration between AI/ML together with a greatly optimized human revision process delivers unprecedented quality, speed and pricing reduction.

Are you a major player who doesn't fit into any of the pricing plans aforementioned? To build a personalized flexible pricing, please contact us.

(near) 100% Accuracy with Human-In-Loop