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No development or deployment
Zero set-up and Pay-Per-Use Model

(near) 100% Accuracy with Human-In-Loop

We combine our proprietary cognitive AI/ML data capture engine with the quality that can come only from the human touch. The tight integration between AI/ML together with a greatly optimized human revision process delivers unprecedented quality, speed and pricing reduction.
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Cognitive data capture is a process based on two steps. It starts automatic extraction based on AI/ML advanced pattern technologies followed by precise validation and correction done by expert humans. This unique process delivers the accuracy, speed and scalability to close the whole cycle of the data capture process successfully within DocDigitizer avoiding human interaction at the customer site.


1000 DOCS


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Here is our online simulator, where you can easily benchmark your current solution with DocDigitizer and find out the potential gains. Learn how to start saving on your document processing operations and begin an efficient digital transformation:

1 DOC = 1 DPU = 1 Credit = 1 Document = 15 fields of extraction

Community and Enterprise Edition

DocDigitizer is democratizing the access to the world’s most sophisticated data capture solution to under burden people from robotic work, making work more human and meaningful.

 Instantly start your automation journey with our Community or Enterprise Edition, the world’s most sophisticated data capture solution now available for your teams!

OCR vs DocDigitizer

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