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Begin your digital journey by sending us all types of documents, and we will deliver your structured data—data you can trust.
This is why our Intelligent Document Processing Platform makes a difference!

Data as a

Fully all-inclusive model offering, customers invest in the outcome of the data generated by the Power Capture solution rather than the solution itself. This selling model is highly scalable and it removes a key customer complexity.

Instant Time to

The focus is selling outcomes rather than solutions significantly reduces the purchase risk for clients. The platform facilitates faster time-to-value by eliminating the need for manual data entry or human validation on their end.

Straight-Through Processing

The 99,99% guarantee accuracy is supported by our expertise Human-In-The-Loop who have domain expertise and contextual understanding. Customers can ingest extracted data right into their intelligent automations workflows.


Our cloud-based, input-to-outcome, all-inclusive IDP platform allows you to benefit from (near) 100% accurate data over any document with just one API call.

Different Types of Data

Capability to extract diverse data types from a variety of information sources.

Handwritten extraction
Handwritten extraction

Extract cursive handwriting from paper and electronic documents, far surpassing industry standards with over 99% accuracy, backed up by SLA.

Signature detection and extraction
Signature detection and extraction

Crop the signature, removing background patterns or stains, and extracting the remaining scribble into a usable format.

Table extraction
Table extraction

We employ various techniques and algorithms to detect tables, either by lines or coordinates, even for tables with no borders at all.

Hight Quality of Data

Ensuring accuracy, reliability, and precision in every extraction.

Support for taxonomies/ontologies
Support for taxonomies/ontologies

Replace your traditional pair-value output with a rich, dense, and augmented object output, allowing developers to leverage or build a myriad of human semantic objects.


Enhance accuracy and efficiency with DocDigitizer's built-in Human-in-the-Loop feature, ensuring the highest quality of data extraction through expert validation and oversight.

Instant Time to Accuracy
Instant Time to Accuracy

Our built-in training on the fly allows customers to receive high-quality data from moment zero without the need for model training or warm-up.

Hight Security of Data

Access data within a secure environment.

Fraud detection
Fraud detection

We help uncover more fraud than ever before by providing, alongside data, a set of key signals of tampering after document creation.

Data Anonymization
Data Anonymization

Removing or encrypting personally identifiable data from your documents.

Enterprise-Grade Security
Enterprise-Grade Security

Implement industry-leading security standards, fully compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, and other US and EU-based security and privacy laws.

Maximize Your Goals with Docdigitizer

Discover how our Intelligent Document Processing platform innovates your workflow, leading to time, cost, and resource savings!



backed by SLAs








of Processes

Are document centric and rely on unstructured information.


Will be the intelligent document processing market by 2025.

+ 30% Cost

IDP can reduce operating costs by 30% YoY.

Award Winning Technology


Our core proprietary technologies use the most advanced AI breakthroughs in cognitive automation, Semantic and Natural Language Processing (NLP), and human-in-the-loop AI based orchestration to process highly unstructured information with ease, accuracy, and versatility, tied together under a low-to-no code automation platform that abstracts the complexities of AI for line-of-business users.

Hundreds of Happy Customers

Tangent Solutions

Innovative, simple, accurate! A great tool to grow with. Our DocDigitizer experience has been a pleasant one.

With visibility on document usage, customizable schemas and flexible pricing, this hyper-automation tool is a top Intelligent Document Processing product.

Jaco van der Merwe – Intelligent Automation Delivery Lead @Tangent Solutions


Our partnership with Docdigitizer allows us to implement powerful IDP solutions for our clients. The human-in-the-loop process, coupled with flexible pricing, means we can offer 100% accuracy at an affordable cost, allowing organisations of all sizes, in particular smaller ones, to benefit from end-to-end automation.

Alex Tillirides – CEO @Intellimorph

Audet Magna

DocDigitizer provides the perfect AI solution for extracting metadata from contracts – it’s cost-effective, accurate, and reliable and together with Audet Magna’s adjacent extraction and ingestion services, enables Audet Magna to provide an end-to-end document migration service.

Nick Vat – Partner @Audet Magna

LEAN Automation

We are second generation RPA experts. We have understood the great combination that IDP and RPA provides to our customers. After learning what docDigitizer could do for our customers we didn´t look further. They are the best IDP solution in the market and we expect to grow very much with them.

Sarah Plotkin – RPA Specialist &Customer Success Manager @Lean Automation

DAnsk Tandforsikring

It has been a pleasure – you have been both fast, professional and flexible when needed.

So all in all, we are looking very much forward to this relationship and I am sure that it will last for a very long time if it continues as it started.

Denis Lewinsky – CEO @ Dansk Tandforsikring

Moldetipo Group

An economical and powerful solution to extract and structure information from invoices. This implementation allowed us to become a modern and innovative business.

Luís Lopes – CFO @ Moldetipo Group