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DocDigitizer provides an all-include Intelligent Document Processing platform that removes all the hurdles of implementing IDP.

With one single API call, you are able to transform any digital document into reliable data, with no warm-up, training, or data validation.

DocDigitizer combines best-in-class AI models with a built-in human-in-the-loop quality firewall; We remove the risk of errors regardless of the variability of the inbound document, providing the accuracy assurance that your business requires.

Document Automation Made Easy

Hundreds of Happy Customers

Tangent Solutions

Innovative, simple, accurate! A great tool to grow with. Our DocDigitizer experience has been a pleasant one.

With visibility on document usage, customizable schemas and flexible pricing, this hyper-automation tool is a top Intelligent Document Processing product.

Jaco van der Merwe – Intelligent Automation Delivery Lead @Tangent Solutions


Our partnership with Docdigitizer allows us to implement powerful IDP solutions for our clients. The human-in-the-loop process, coupled with flexible pricing, means we can offer 100% accuracy at an affordable cost, allowing organisations of all sizes, in particular smaller ones, to benefit from end-to-end automation.

Alex Tillirides – CEO @Intellimorph

Audet Magna

DocDigitizer provides the perfect AI solution for extracting metadata from contracts – it’s cost-effective, accurate, and reliable and together with Audet Magna’s adjacent extraction and ingestion services, enables Audet Magna to provide an end-to-end document migration service.

Nick Vat – Partner @Audet Magna

LEAN Automation

We are second generation RPA experts. We have understood the great combination that IDP and RPA provides to our customers. After learning what docDigitizer could do for our customers we didn´t look further. They are the best IDP solution in the market and we expect to grow very much with them.

Sarah Plotkin – RPA Specialist &Customer Success Manager @Lean Automation

DAnsk Tandforsikring

It has been a pleasure – you have been both fast, professional and flexible when needed.

So all in all, we are looking very much forward to this relationship and I am sure that it will last for a very long time if it continues as it started.

Denis Lewinsky – CEO @ Dansk Tandforsikring

Moldetipo Group

An economical and powerful solution to extract and structure information from invoices. This implementation allowed us to become a modern and innovative business.

Luís Lopes – CFO @ Moldetipo Group

Companies around the globe are paying a productivity tax worldwide to input unstructured information into their information systems manually.

DocDigitizer is the ultimate Automation Enabler for innovative enterprises that are looking to streamline their information seamlessly. Our data capture platform captures data from any document and returns structured data that can be directly handled by any information systems.

The Innovation Behind Us


We combine our proprietary cognitive data capture engine with an expertly-designed human-in-the-loop process delivering the speed and scale of machine automation with the quality that can come only from a human touch. We offer accuracy and affordability that traditional OCR solutions or even AI based IDP can't match.

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Zero Setup

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100% Accuracy

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