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Automate your document analysis and optimize up to 80% in costs

We are teaching machines how to read documents that humans don't want to read providing an end-to-end automation of your digital transformation.

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About Doc-Digitizer

Companies are locked-down by document analysis heavy processes, dependent on manual workflows, and throttled to the speed of a human.

Doc-Digitizer technology aims at supporting the automation of your document analysis pipeline, by leveraging on machine learning to analyze and extract information from a document and integrate it within the company’s software, with savings up to 80%.

Use Cases

Automation of the analysis of suppliers invoicing, ensuring the extracting of information and the correct allocation to PO, Cost Centers, Departments etc…
Automation of the imputation of employee refund requests ensuring their validation and integration into the HR and finance software.
Many processes such as opening a new account in the bank or an insurance claim, require  the analysis of several documents attached to the process. ...
Automation of the high level analysis of legal contracts and legal notification letters, by extracting key information such as process, deadlines and key stakeholders that ...
Automation of the analysis of financial information allowing the simplification of financial reconciliation processes.

How We Do It

Document Collecting
Document Analysis
Categorization and Validation
Data Integration



Optimize the allocation of FTE´s to ensure that people are allocated to tasks where their intervention produce the most value for the company.

+30% accuracy over Market Leaders

DocDigitizer leverages on several cloud based OCR engines that work together to ensure a minimum level of errors in character recognition, even in documents with different perspectives, scanning quality and multiples languages.


Our technology is agnostic in regards to the type of document, its layout, and language, thus it can support a wide range of workflows.

Transparent Pricing

Our price model aims to be simple and transparent, instead of license hardware, revision interfaces, infrastructure and pages, we provide a straight forward pricing per document that decreases as your volume grows.


DocDigitizer can be integrated using a restful API and a set of different connectors that will enable to work against a wide range of inbound and outbound systems with minimal integration effort.

Security and Compliance

DocDigitizer maintains technical and organizational measures designed to provide and enable security for our Cloud Based Cognitive OCR service. This includes a variety of security technologies and procedures to save uploaded data from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.


Magic happens when two technologies and join forces!

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