How DocDigitizer is Helping KLOG With Their Digital Transformation

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From Paper to Digital: a Document Management Story

What is Klog and What Motivated it to Look for a Document Management Solution?

Klog is a relatively new company (founded 6 years ago) that operates in the transport logistics sector. 2 years back, we realized that we didn’t control a key part of our workflow, document management.

We move a lot of documents. We are a service company, a pure trader, and we subcontract all of our invoicing and business. As such, we move a large number of invoices monthly, with attachments and other types of documents that are vital to us and our clients.

At one point, we realized that we had to change our processes with regards to document management; we spent a lot of time looking through documents and we had not yet made the digital transformation necessary to handle them.

How Did you Find DocDigitizer?

We were looking for a partner to help us with this digital transformation and we knew our solution would be to implement an OCR.

We went looking for the market and, curiously, got in touch with DocDigitizer. It was then that we were presented with their current solution, which is DocDigitizer through a direct integration with M-Files.

How Did the Relationship Unfold?

The DD team introduced us to the potential of the DocDigitizer software, the ability to not only switch all of our documents to a digital format but also to automatically catalog those digitized documents and invoice attachments and integrate them into our document management software, M-Files. This was different at the time to what was available to us on the market.

How Is the Digital Transformation Process Now?

It has already taken 2 years in stages. Digital transformation started relatively fast, and we are now in what we consider to be the last phase of the process. That is, we have seamlessly integrated our invoices and documents into our ERP.

We are very pleased with the performance of the software and the results that we have already seen from this bet.

And the Expectation for the Future?

We hope that the integration will continue and that the percentage of documents that we can automatically reconcile continues to rise. Everything points in this direction.

The partnership opened the door and really brought us on to the potential of these technologies to automate the most routine tasks.

We are very interested and will invest in continuing to automate the processes that can take advantage of this type of technology. This is an expectation for the future and something we have to work on.

What About the Management of all Documents? 

Regarding document management, we want to increase the success rate and see how, as soon as possible, we can have a percentage of 100% or so in the uncontrolled release of our documents and cataloging of our documents. That is the big goal.