Unleashing the Power of Intelligent Automation in LATAM: DocDigitizer and Mayasoft Join Forces

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Lisbon, 05/26/2023 – DocDigitizer, a leading SaaS B2B provider specializing in unattended Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with Mayasoft, a prominent enterprise holding dedicated to the Intelligent Automation of business processes. This collaboration marks a significant step towards expanding the market presence in LATAM and leveraging combined expertise to deliver cutting-edge automation solutions for businesses in the region.

Mayasoft is recognized for its commitment to assisting companies in achieving digital transformation through the synergistic blend of artificial intelligence and software robots. Their extensive range of services is designed to boost productivity, mitigate operational risks, and enhance user experiences. With their profound expertise in Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Automation, Business Process Management, and software development, Mayasoft brings knowledge and insights to the partnership.

By joining forces, DocDigitizer and Mayasoft aim to empower businesses in the LATAM market to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and embrace automation technologies. This collaboration will enable companies to leverage the power of unattended IDP offered by DocDigitizer alongside Mayasoft’s intelligent automation solutions, unlocking new levels of productivity and accelerating digital transformation journeys.


“We are delighted about this partnership as it will enable us to enhance our Intelligent Automation services with DocDigitizer’s remarkable Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) capabilities. By working together, we will expand our reach to more companies, providing them with knowledge and expertise to drive their digital transformation processes. Our shared goal is to liberate individuals from robotic work and help them unlock their true potential.” Sergio Estupiñan – CEO –  Mayasoft


“We are thrilled to partner with Mayasoft to expand our presence in the LATAM market,” said Joao Fernandes, CEO of DocDigitizer. “Mayasoft’s deep expertise in intelligent automation perfectly complements our unattended IDP capabilities. Together, we will offer businesses in the region a comprehensive suite of automation solutions to drive operational excellence and achieve their digital transformation goals.”

Mayasoft’s extensive knowledge of the LATAM market, combined with its commitment to innovation, makes them the ideal partner for DocDigitizer. This strategic collaboration ensures that customers in LATAM will receive localized support, tailored solutions, and unparalleled service quality, resulting in seamless implementation and accelerated ROI.

About Mayasoft:

Mayasoft is an enterprise holding committed to driving business process improvements through Intelligent Automation. Our primary objective is to support companies in their digital transformation journey by introducing innovation and technology with the potential to enhance efficiency and elevate the quality of products and services.

With over 350 automations in production, Mayasoft is a pioneer in the Intelligent Automation as a Service (IAaaS) model, where the goals of each project are achieved solely by delivering the promised results outlined in the value proposition.

We firmly believe in a new approach to work where humans and machines contribute their best abilities, with both being essential parts in achieving higher objectives.

About DocDigitizer:

DocDigitizer is a cutting-edge AI-based company specializing in delivering the best-in-class AI data-processing solutions to support data-driven hyper-automation with the mission of unburdening people from robotic work.

Since 2017, the DocDigitizer hyper-automation platform has helped Global 2000 organizations companies to process vast amounts of unstructured inputs and raw information unlocking hyper-automation over complex and unstructured mission-critical processes. We help companies reach their full potential through data by empowering their digital transformation, driving operational efficiency and human productivity, and unlocking the power of their data.

Our core proprietary technologies use the most advanced AI breakthroughs in Cognitive Automation, Semantic and Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Human-in-the-loop AI-based Orchestration to process highly unstructured information with ease, accuracy, and versatility, tied together under a low-to-no code automation platform that abstracts the complexities of AI for business users.

DocDigitizer is ranked as one of the Fastest-Growing Companies in EU, has earned multiple Fintech awards, and is one of the most disruptive and promising vendors according to Gartner’s Natural Language Processing Hype Cycle.

The company has a global footprint with offices in Lisbon (EU) and Boston (US) and a network of more than 50 partners worldwide, including Big4 and world-leading automation technology providers.


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