DocDigitizer Reduces Response Time in the Processing of Moratories and Credit Lines Related to COVID-19

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DocDigitizer reduces response time in the processing of moratories and credit lines related to Covid-19

The recent measures to support the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as default and treasury lines, have resulted in an abnormal flow of orders to the Banking sector, which is having significant difficulties in operationalizing the response to its customers in a timely manner.

The speed of response to these credit lines is of critical importance for the operations of many companies, so delays in response may result in uncertainties and instability.

Through its network of reference partners, DocDigitizer is installing integrated document validation and remote signature solutions in record time. This enables financial entities to accept bank service subscriptions completely remotely andin line with the directives and requirements of Banco de Portugal, while also enabling banks to reduce order processing time to 60 minutes without occupying their back office.

In addition to the national market, this solution is also being adopted by several leading financial entities in Europe, leading to exponential growth in the use of DocDigitizer. During the current crisis, our company is on a counter-cycle and continues to strengthen its teams in very significant ways, in order to support all these requests.

DocDigitizer is a Portuguese startup founded as a spin-off of Infosistema in 2016. It is dedicated to the development of intelligent process automation technologies through the use of machine learning.

Since its founding, DocDigitizer has recorded annual growth rates in excess of 100% and is now supporting leading companies in the banking, insurance and financial services industries in more than 6 geographies.

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