eBook #3 - IDP Fast-Track
Quick Start Guide

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Intelligent Document processing is one of the best solutions to support your digital transformation. But one thing is to understand the benefits of IDP, and another is to implement and scale IDP.

To successfully implement IDP, you should define an IDP journey tailored to your specific needs, maturity level, technical and operational resources, and organization size.

In this e-book, you will find a comprehensive, proven framework that you implement to ignite your IDP journey.

Target Audience:

  • SMBs that are looking to automate their back-office processes.
  • Less than 5.000 documents per month.
  • Standard use-cases (Invoices)
  • Looking for out-of-the-box automation.
  • Plug-and-play API.
  • Complete self-service implementation with low-touch supporting to automate their back-office processes.