Do you have any questions?

We have the answers in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below

Do I need a specific configuration for every supplier format?

No! Our service does not require layout configurations. We ensure the accuracy of the extracted data, regardless of the layout of the incoming documents.

I Don’t See My ERP On The List. Can I Still Use DocDigitizer?

Yes! DocDigitizer provides a set of standard outputs (such as XLS, XML, and CSV) that can be easily integrated within any ERP. Moreover, we can work directly with your IT team or ERP implementor to develop a connector for you.

Is It Possible To Have Access To An API?

Yes! DocDigitizer API is available for free with each license.

How Many Users Can Access The Portal?

Unlimited! We don’t charge per user.

Will DocDigitizer Store My Files After Extraction?

No! DocDigitizer is not a document repository. Files are stored within a specific timeframe to ensure proper data extraction and validation, then they are deleted.

Can I Have The Extracted Data In Real-Time?

No. To ensure that we provide 100% accurate data extraction, each field is thoroughly validated by our review team within under 8 business hours. This is so that you don’t need to have people on your side validating data over and over again.

I Need Some Extra Fields From The Invoice. How Can I Get Them?

Simply contact your account manager and we will add them to your license. They will be available right away.

Is My Data Safe?

Yes! We ensure that all data handling is done under strict compliance with local regulation. We’ve made security and privacy our top priority by following industry best practices to protect all of your data.