Magic Happens When Two Technologies Join Forces!

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Magic Happens When Two Technologies Join Forces!

DocDigitizer enables automatic metadata extraction from documents using AI/ML, dramatically reducing the cost of OCR and extraction projects. They can be invoices, contracts, or statements.

Many Digital Transformation (DT) projects are blocked because the information is not yet in the digital world in a structured way. Yes, you may have a lot of PDFs, but you don’t have easy structured access to the information inside them. DocDigitizer solves this pain, allowing you to leverage full DT projects and build processes around information and people.

We observe an increasing momentum for the DocDigitizer approach in companies that already have DT projects in place and in companies where the first DT projects are precisely starting with DocDigitizer. We chose a very specific and practical example of the application. Below you can see DocDigitizer+OutSystems in place.

In less than 48 hours, we’ve built a mobile App that grabs and extracts information from a receipt that you can incorporate into your own enterprise expense reporting and approval process.

About Infosistema

Infosistema is a Technology company providing Systems of Engagement, Integration and Advanced Analytics solutions to Banking and Insurance companies.

Infosistema is part of JOYN, an international Group of IT companies with over 20 years of experience, with projects in more than 9 countries and over 300 team members with more than 350 technical certifications. JOYN’s mission is to simplify people’s lives and companies’ operations

About OutSystems

Agile Platform is a complete solution covering the entire lifecycle of Web/Mobile Applications and Business Processes. It enables the integration of external systems, application development, deployment automation, management and monitoring of the software factory and the full support for Web/Mobile applications in a business environment.

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