How to Integrate DocDigitizer with Google Drive (Zapier series)

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Easy Steps to Integrate DocDigitizer with Google Drive

The DocDigitizer App offers two main actions, namely:

  • Upload – Enabling you to upload documents to DocDigitizer.
  • Retrieve Data – Enabling you to collect structured data from your documents and use it within your zaps.

This article is part of a set of guides with step-by-step tutorials on using the DocDigitizer Zapier App across different use cases within Zapier.

Before using DocDigitizer Zapier App, you need:

  1. To get an API key, registering in our Free Trial via our website.
  2. To register as Beta Tester here.
  1. After logging-in in Zapier, access My Apps section (
  2. Search for DocDigitizer in the App dropdown and a new pop-up will appear so you can associate your DocDigitizer API Key within Zapier.
  3. If you don't find DocDigitizer on the list, please make sure that you are registered as a Beta Tester.

After performing this step, DocDigitizer will be available within your Zaps.

Step 2 – Automatically Upload Documents from Google Drive to DocDigitizer

  1. Click on Make a Zap! (
  2. Choose Google Drive (New File in Folder) as a trigger for step 1.
  3. Proceed by associating your Drive account and choosing the correct folder that you want to monitor.
  4. Please make sure that you have a sample file in the chosen folder so that Zapier can collect that information for test purposes.
  5. After completing step 1, add a new action step choosing DocDigitizer App and choosing the Upload Document to DocDigitizer option.
  6. Make sure that you select the Google Drive File when filling up the DocDigitizer File Field. This configuration will make sure that you are sending the content of the file to DocDigitizer.

With everything set, activate the Zap and the document will start to flow automatically to DocDigitizer via your Google Drive.

Final Thoughts

Following these steps, you will be able to automatically collect documents from external sources, such as Google Drive and upload them to DocDigitizer.

All submitted documents will be processed, and the captured data will be available via API, the DocDigitizer web portal, and also via Zapier.

Don't forget to register as Beta Tester to use all these features here!

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