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Written by: João Fernandes  linkedin (5-min reading)

Dansk Tandforsikring is a dental insurance company that was built from the ground up with technology in mind. Their goal is to help people finance and fund the right dental treatment. They chose DocDigitizer to help automate their entire claim reimbursement process.

Dansk Tandforsikring Automates Their Entire Insurance Claim Reimbursement Process With DocDigitizer.

  • +30k claims automated
  • 100% digital claim reimbursement process
  • +71% ROI

Dansk Tandforsikring’s Cognitive Claim Program has allowed them to become incredibly competitive in comparison with other insurance companies on the market. Their focus is currently on expanding into new markets such as Sweden and Norway by providing a real-time, fully automated customer journey for claim management adapted to those markets’ specific needs.


“We have been able to save more than 250 hours, clean, per month. No one wants to manually type data into a computer system if they can instead handle it automatically and review the result for approval at the end of the process.”

Denis Lewinsky, CEO Dansk Tandforsikring


How to automate invoicing in a high-yield market

Since 2010, Dansk Tandforsikring has specialized in providing dental insurance for individuals and companies across Denmark. With a population of 5 million and 4 million dental treatments per year, they process a high volume of invoices. Since the beginning, it’s been a goal of theirs to automate as much of their claims reimbursement process as possible.

They were searching for a way to enable growth and differentiate themselves by providing the best level of claims service. By processing reimbursements in a couple of minutes instead of days, Dansk Tandforsikring would be able to stand out against the competition, save money by removing the human element, and more easily scale its operations.

“I could see that the technology started to advance in the OCR area and we needed to investigate it,” says Denis Lewinsky, CEO of Dansk Tandforsikring. They tested various technologies that claimed to be able to read invoices and translate the information into a readable format, but each failed to deliver.

“The problem was that nobody really could. Everyone could if it was a flat PDF, but if the picture was taken from a strange angle, which people do when they need to upload to our system, then suddenly no one could solve it.”

Denis Lewinsky, CEO, Dansk Tandforsikring

Clearly, the level of complexity of each invoice was an obstacle that Dansk was eager to overcome. As Denis explains, “(…) by coincidence, I met DocDigitizer, who claimed that they could do it. We put up a test and they could actually do it at a very high level of satisfaction. There was a quick response from the beginning, and I was surprised by the speediness and their language skills… So, that made them a potentially good partner.”

Why Dansk Tandforsikring Chose DocDigitizer:

  • The capability to test before buying
  • Their plug-and-play ready to use solution
  • (almost) 100% guaranteed accuracy even in unstructured documents


Although docDigitizer passed the test, Dansk Tandforsikring had strict requirements for testing that needed to be met.

Denis explains that they “started out by testing and after a few rounds, we had it built into a test environment so that it could fulfill our harsh requirements for production and test environments. They were fixed on accommodating our needs and ensuring that we could actually build an environment so that we could test in real life.”

Now, Dansk Tandforsikring automatically reimburses its clients through a combination of their Cognitive Claim Program and DocDigitizer. Their website and platform are equipped to allow users to simply upload invoices, which then triggers the start of the automatic claim request process. DocDigitizer analyzes the document and feeds their system the data needed to approve the reimbursement of a claim. This allows Dansk Tandforsikring to fully automate their claims handling process.

“We have two channels for receiving invoices,” Denis says. “One is directly from the dentists’ system into our system, where it is also, of course, digitized. And the other one is if people forget to use the dentist’s system or if they don’t connect to our system, then they can upload it directly. After that, it is sent to DocDigitizer, who immediately provides structured data back in a readable format.”

As Denis puts it, “it’s not that interesting to sit and type in an invoice into a system if you can either get it handled automatically or you can just review it, see that everything is fine, and push it through.” . With the help of DocDigitizer, they’re automating less important work and giving people better and more interesting tasks.

We bundle AI and Machine Learning data extraction with human revision, guaranteeing (almost) 100% accuracy.


The benefits are as expected—higher market share, no customer service intervention, lower costs, and a higher ROI.

With the power of DocDigitizer, Dansk Tandforsikring’s Cognitive Claim Program is able to handle the high volume of claims that they process per month, all without the need for manual data entry. With the time saved by automating their claims process, Dansk Tandforsikring is able to focus on improving their own services and other, more value-added tasks, and is now expanding into new regions.

“It made a huge difference for us to suddenly receive things digitized because it meant that I could continue my automatization and rules building within our core system.”

Denis Lewinsky, CEO, Dansk Tandforsikring


Dansk Tandforsikring’s Cognitive Claims Program and DocDigitizer’s automation technology proves that a completely automated claims process is possible. After adapting to the specific complexities and needs of a new market, this system ensures a smooth customer experience, converts invoices into readable information, and saves hundreds of hours spent in manually entering data.

Their automated approach to claims processing and reimbursement has enabled Dansk Tandforsikring to expand its market share, lower costs, and increase its return on investment all while providing an effortless claims experience for its customers and partners. “After we receive an invoice from the dentist, the customer receives a confirmation and their refund right away,” Denis explains.

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