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IDP is here to stay! A recent Gartner reports states that 50% of companies will deploy IDP – Intelligent Document Processing by 2025.

The ability to process vast amounts of unstructured inputs and raw information is a crucial hyperscaller to unlock Intelligent Automation over complex and unstructured mission-critical processes.

As most RPA implementations reach their plateau, automation CoEs are looking to expand their Intelligent Automation initiatives towards more complex and data-intensive processes, which often depend on unstructured data in the form of documents, images, or emails.

The need to enable robots to understand unstructured data raises the demand for IDP solutions, and there are now hundreds of different offers for every size and shape. The question is not whether you need IDP or not, but which IDP tool can better fit your requirements.

Although most Intelligent Automation tools are moving fast to no-code, outcome-driven models, most of IDP technologies are still significantly complex to deploy and maintain.

From getting data sets to training models and assessing their quality, the setup often takes weeks, requiring a very specific skill set that is not always available. And since most implementations do not support straight-through put document processing, organizations must deploy their own Human In The Loop teams to review and handle exceptions repeatedly.

These two components of every IDP implementation are the primary source of costs (a recent study states that setup and HITL account for ~80% of the Total Cost of Ownership) and the main point of failure since companies report that 40% of IDP implementation fail their business case expectations.

At DocDigitizer, we believe in an outcome-driven Intelligent Document Processing model where our customers don’t need to worry about the complexities of implementing and maintaining their IDP implementation.

Our unique All-Inclusive model allows organizations to benefit from straight throughput document automation, with built-in training on the fly providing 6x faster time to value compared to traditional IDP. On top of our pre-built models, we take care of any fine-tuning required to handle any document format on the fly when needed, if needed. By not requiring any warm-up, we avoid spending weeks on setup and model training, enabling organizations to process any document immediately.

We also built-in to DocDigitizer, a Human-in-the-loop verification process that allows our customers to remove any manual step on their end entirely and always receive nearly 100% accurate data, backed up by SLA and a refund policy. Our built-in HITL, allows customers to use our data output to make decisions and reduce their lead times from hours (that often is what they take to review the IDP outcome) to a few minutes.

All these features are available with a full pay-per-use model for any industry and document type, including handwritten and unstructured documents. They include advanced capabilities such as fraud detection, data anonymization, complex table processing, and signature detection.

Our all-inclusive approach is particularly relevant for:

  • Straight Throughput Document Automation – Companies looking to remove any manual validation.
  • Long-tailed Use Cases – Use cases with a high variability of format and layouts.
  • Complex Use Cases – Use cases that required advanced capabilities such as handwritten processing, unstructured document processing and fraud analysis.

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