Zero Set-Up, Zero Training Sets

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At the end of the day you just want to turn your documents into data you can use and manage. Our goal is to make as simples as possible the cognitive data capture process. The reason we don’t talk about gold data sets, training sets, learning processes, neural networks, retraining and so forth is because we just eliminated all that from your perspective.

With DocDigitizer all that complexity is hidden from you and you don’t have to deal with that. You send a document via API, you get (near) 100% accurate data with a human in loop validation with zero set-up. That simple.

Business Impacts of Zero Set-up, Zero Warm-up, Zero Training Sets

Because DocDigitizer doesn’t need or require a set-up process, you as a customer can run in full production in less than 2 hours. All heavy lifting is done on our side. But what it means for you as an enterprise?


Reduce live production from 8 weeks to 2 hours

By eliminating the need of a golden data set we are eliminating a major headache for the CIO. By eliminating the need for dedicated developers to tweak form extraction templates you are eliminating both cost and time to resource those scarce resources.


For your every deparment, big or small. Tackle the Long Tail document problem.

The number of digital document formats is exploding because is increasingly easier to build new forms and templates. Because your approach does not rely on you to supply training sets or do development tweaks you can leverage DocDigitizer in every single department of your enterprise.


No vendor lock-in. No technology lock-in.

With DocDigitizer you will not invest in gaining expertise in a specific technology or development platform to improve your automated extraction. You will not only eliminate all that cost but also you will not enter in a vendor lock-in trap where you get glued for eternity because you are deeply vested in one single tech.


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