DocDigitizer is on a mission to restructure the world’s information


We help organizations automate repetitive tasks, increasing produtivity and improving response time

Our Why:


80% of the information exchanged between companies, although digital, is designed and prepared to be read by humans, not machines.

One way or another, companies end up locking some of their core data extraction processes to human revision and validation, wasting time and resources in non-value added tasks.

We believe that the way organizations look at their information digestion is KEY for the success of their digital transformation.

Our Mission:


We want to create a world where information can be seamlessly transferred, independent of content, layout, or channel, transforming human-readable content into structured digital information.

We want to empower automation and digital transformation through a new generation of data capture technology, combining state-of-the-art machine learning technology with a top of the class validation service that ensures full automation with outstanding quality and accuracy.

What makes us different?


AI-powered, human reviewed


Our optical character recognition (OCR) engine is able to dive into your document and capture the key information, which is then reviewed by our curation team to ensure 99% accuracy.


Streamline your information


Our API as a service is currently used by market leaders integrated with ERPs, Document Management Systems, and Robot Process Automation technologies.


Get results in record time


With DocDigitizer, you can setup your document inbound digestion pipeline within a few clicks with no setup cost.


Automation for every size


DocDigitizer offers a price model adapted to both enterprises and SMEs. Pay per document, independent of the type of document, number of pages, content or layout.


Relationships are key!


Collaboration is at our core. Having a strong partnership allows us to provide a better, more holistic value proposition to our customers.

It’s easy to get started

You’ll be up and running in no time