DocDigitizer Free Trial

What to expect from your free trial:

Once you register for our free trial, you will have 15 days to test our latest data extraction technology. Our curation team guarantees that you will receive 99.9% accuracy on the data extracted without having the need to validate this from your end.

Our demo version is ready to extract information from invoices or valid ID cards using the Latin alphabet. Our technology can read and analyze any type of document in any language. For questions about any other alphabet or type of document, please contact us.

What you should know about our service:

All the data that companies interact with is ready to be read by humans, but not necessarily machines, software, or processes. DocDigitizer is a service that transforms unstructured data into structured data that can be integrated within any system or process within your organization (should you wish, we can open an API key to support this integration).

We remove all the mundane tasks of manually extracting data, with a contractual precision of 99.9%.

DocDigitizer will revise your documents in up to 24 business hours. However, we have several SLAs depending on the use-case.

Please contact us, so we can review your context in detail and come up with a plan.

How can you send and receive your project when using DocDigitzer?

You can submit your documents via our WebPortal or API and receive the re-structured information ready to integrate into any system. Available formats for Upload – pdf, Tiff, Jpeg, Png; and for download – XML, CSV, XLSX