WM Promus is a team of IT experts dedicated to delivering digital transformation consultancy and solutions using the best of DevOps, ITOM, ITSM/ITAM and RPA technologies. We help transform IT Services to increase return on IT investment, better align IT to the business, predict and prevent service issues while improving productivity through automation and repeatability. Our customers are global enterprises and large corporations from the airline industry, financial services, manufacturing, and retail. We also have experience with SMBs and Public Sector organisations. We thrive on delivering high quality consultancy services, processes, and software tools to support business functions.

Offering the following services: DevOps Consultancy, Digital Transformation, Configuration Management & Automation, Cloud Deployment & Hosting, Compliance Checks, Robotic Process Automation
Service Management, Asset Management, Service Manager and Asset Manager Application Support, Service Manager and Asset Manager Health Check, Implementation Services, Project Management, System & Process Integration, Business Process Transformation, Application Development, Business Intelligence.