Cibernos Grupo


Spain, Portugal, Latin America

Cibernos is a consulting and IT services company with 100% Spanish capital. It has a workforce of close to 1,000 employees and is present in Spain and Latin America.

Currently, it has 14 companies integrated as a group, which allows it to offer a wide diversity of products and services, configuring integrated and specific solutions adapted to the requirements of each client.

Innovation, quality and corporate responsibility are the pillars on which we rely to be up to the demands of the market, due to:

– The competence and experience of our consultants
– Continuous adaptation to emerging technologies and the changes they generate
– Identify trends in technology markets and put them into practice
– Investigation of the interests of the markets at a technological level
– Our ability to integrate methodologies, procedures and tools to obtain complete solutions.

Specialities: Business Process Management, BPM, Document Management, Business Process Outsourcing, BPO, Training, Consulting and Development, Cartography and Geosystems, Territorial Management Systems, Contact Center, Digital Transformation, Compliance, Regulatory Compliance Management Systems, Systems and Infrastructures, Development Agile, Cloud, Cybersecurity, IoT, BlockChain, SmartCities SmartProjects, Gamification, Social WiFi and PRL