No Code Data Capture – What does it mean?

No Code Cognitive Data Capture is a true game changer!

We really mean No Code Data Capture regarding all processes, from document ingestion to use the data.

With DocDigitizer you just simply send a document via API and get curated and validated data. That means getting structured data back with (near)  100% accuracy.

The following table shows clearly the major difference between DocDigitizer and any other solution in the market.


See how much you could be saving!

Do you know how much your current document processing is costing you?

DocDigitizer VS Other Solutions

Step In the Data Capture ProcessDocDigitizerOther Solutions*Cost Impact
Install SoftwareNot neededRequired25%
Define gold Data SetNot neededRequired
Train ModelsNot neededRequired
Develop TemplatesNot neededRequired
Test systemNot neededRequired
Send DocumentsRequiredRequired-
Validate DataNot neededRequired55%
Retrain ModelsNot neededRequired20%
Maintain TemplatesNot neededRequired
Update SoftwareNot neededRequired
Get Validated DataRequiredRequired-

* Not all required if in the cloud solutions

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Deploy time is reduced 95%

It takes less than 2 hours to you as an enterprise customer to be able to send documents and feed the data in production to your systems. Our competitors that weeks or months, with development teams involved in the set-up and maintenance and of course manage the whole human operation of data curation.

In deploying a project with DocDigitizer there are only three main steps involved. No matter what type of document, typed or manuscript, format or source.

no code data capture

Define the Data Schema of the data returned. Basically, you are defining what do you want to return from the documents. It is not linked to the document type or format. We are focused on what you need to get from the document to run your business, and not be focused on what the document holds.

no code data capture

Set up the API call and return on  your end.

no code data capture

Send the documents and feed the data extracted into your systems: ERP, CRM , HCM, RPA.