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DocDigitizer is democratizing the access to the world’s most sophisticated data capture solution to under burden people from robotic work, making work more human and meaningful. Instantly start your automation journey with our Community Edition, the world’s most sophisticated data capture solution now available for your teams!

Our Community Edition makes available DocDigitizer’s complete Data Capture platform, budling our proprietary cognitive data capture engine with our cutting-edge ai-assisted human in the loop platform, allowing you to benefit from the some platform that daily serves thousands of customers worldwide as an automation enabler in any document intensive process.

Community Edition Benefits

Streamline document’s data into any software with no setup and no code, using the best-in-class human augmented data capture platform, including:

community edition

DocDigitizer Cognitive Engine

Our community edition grants you access to the most advanced AI-based data capture engine, capable of extracting data from your document with no setup, or training.

AI-assisted Data Curation Platform:

Community Edition platform is an ai-based human orchestrator, that will allow your team to increase 100x productivity in data entry and data validation.

Community edition
community edition

Integration API:

DocDigitizer's Data Capture platform is easy to integrate via RESTFUL API with hundreds of third parties. Making even easier the transit between unstructured information to structured data. Integrate DocDigitizer with our pre-built connectors.

Pre-built connectors:

Take advantage of a wide range of pre-built connectors, that will allow you to integrate DocDigitizer to common ERP, ECM, RPA and Low-Code technologies.

community edition



  • Unlimited documents

Comunity Edition

Starts at 1.99€/User/Day
  • Unlimited Documents
  • Data Validators on-demand

*The Free Community Edition is only use by small businesses. An organization is considered a ‘small business’ only if: your organization has less than 5 employees. If your organization exceeds this amount, your organization is not considered a small business.

Billing is done on a monthly basis considering 30 days per month.

Start Automation With Data!

80% of the information you receive is not machine ready! Stop wasting time with data entry or complex deployment processes and start now with no-code and no setup.


Community Edition

Enterprise Edition

Integration API
Documentt Types
Data Schemas
Document OCR
Access to DocDigitizer
AI- Assisted Data
Valitation Platform
Cloud, Private Cloud and On-Prem
Document Processing Credits
Real Time Data Capture
Pre-Built Integration Connectors
Document Processing Lead Time
Up to 8 business Hours
Up to 5 minutes
Price Model
Based on data validation users
Based on Data Fields

If you need enterprise-class features, scalability and performance, or if you plan to use the software in a production environment that requires support from DocDigitizer, consider DocDigitizer Enterprise Edition.


Feel free to ask any questions that you may have. Get in touch by email or phone.

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