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Intellimorph is an RPA expert. With a proven experience in Digital Transformation & Intelligent Automation turning cases into success stories.

Intellimorph is proud of its proven approach to Digital Transformation and Intelligent Automation that brings measurable benefits that change the life of all kinds of enterprises.

Intelimorph’s team has proven expertise in some of the largest automation programmers in Europe, delivering solutions across different sectors.

Recently Intelimorph has been moving into the more advanced A.I. technologies to augment the capabilities of an organisation's work force and realize more efficiencies and productivity gains such as 80% Workforce time released; 10x increase in productivity, reduced operational Cost and significant raise of ROI.

“DocDigitizer is a game changer

Alex Tillirides
Chief Executive Officer at Intellimorph

The situation to be solved

80% Accuracy is the OCR standard

Intelimorph permanently searches the market for the best possible solution to provide top of the line customer care.

Most common OCR solutions can solve 80% of the information retrieval situations. The problem lies int the remaining 20%. These are the ones that differentiate an average solution from a top of the line one. And to some companies these do make a serious difference.

To face this need, Intelimorph had a human team to review the documents that had information not retrievable through the automated methods. This was both time and resource consuming, motivating an intense and thorough market search testing all the market available solutions.

The difficulty laid in finding a way to extract 100% or near that of the information on the documents.

Why Choose DocDigitizer?




Error Free

How it was solved

Testing the extra 20% accuracy

When consulting the market, the team tested most of the available solutions using an API with a specific document package with the od cases that most applications do not process adequately. These include skewed or stained pages, low resolution images, winkled pages and so on.
Applications were invited to retrieve information
from these pages.
The factors tested are:

  • Speed of implementation
  • Adaptability to new document formats
  • Speed of implementation
  • Information Transaction security
  • Scale elasticity
  • Trustworthy on the extracted information

While running the tests with DocDigitizer, Intelimorph got a different request that had an elevated rate of difficulty: retrieve information from envelopes. In this complicated test there was information that even for a human it was hard to read but DocDigitizer cut through the noise and gathered the information that standard OCR solutions cannot.

Even though there ware no major difficulties integrating the test solution the speed at which the results came in and the invaluable help provided by customer support.

The ease of implementation to new clients, the elasticity either in scale or document format was paramount, supported even further by the cost structure that lowered the entry barriers for new, smaller clients.


A new standard for information retrieval

Since the integration with DocDigitizer the solution has been improving and gets better as it is used and trained. The most complicated cases are mitigated by DocDigitizers “Human in the Loop”

Working with DocDigitizer’s team has been a privilege. The cooperation in the project is amazing and it is not something you can find often. This was another reason to choose DocDigitizer.

Fed by a high-quality scanning equipment solution allows for a near zero error solution that is 10 times faster than all other tested.

“DocDigitizer is the solution

Alex Tillirides
Chief Executive Officer at Intellimorph

About DocDigitizer

DocDigitizer Is A Cutting-Edge
AI-Based Company

DocDigitizer is a cutting-edge AI-based company specialized in delivering the best-in-class AI data-processing solutions to support data-driven hyper-automation with the mission of unburdening people from robotic work.

Since 2017, DocDigitizer’s hyper-automation platform has helped Global 2000 organizations to process vast amounts of unstructured inputs and raw information unlocking the benefits of hyper-automation over complex and unstructured mission-critical processes. We help companies reach their full potential through data by empowering their digital transformation, drive operational efficiency and human productivity, and unlocking the power of their data.

DocDigitizer is ranked as one of the Fastest-Growing Company in EU, has earned multiple Fintech awards, and is one of the most disruptive and promising vendors according to Gartner's Natural Language Processing Hype Cycle.