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Accounts Payable


Switch to automated real-time bookkeeping


Streamline the information from your invoices and credit notes to your ERP and leave ineffective manual data entry in the past. Get all the data you need (header and items) independent of format or layout with 99% of accuracy in under 24hrs!

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Customer Onboarding


Automate your customer journey


Often, new contracts require the filling of complex forms and the attachment of specific documents. Speed up the experience by pre-filling contracts based on the content of the documents and ensure quality and compliance while validating the information within those documents.

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Robot Process Automation


Give structured data to your robots


The access to structured information is key to support RPA initiatives; nevertheless, most processes are lock documents that are not standardized. DocDigitizer is an automation enabler, for RPA technologies, providing a translation engine between unstructured information and structured data across any kind of document, no matter the format, layout, or content.

Are you spending too much time on document processing?


DocDigitizer can help you

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