Get to know our technology

How does DocDigitizer work?

DocDigitizer is the next generation of document analysis technology, which enables the capture of key data from any type of document, independent of its format or layout

How are we capable of capturing data from a document that we’ve never seen before?

Unlike most data extraction technologies or OCR engines that capture data based on a heavy set of configuration and templates, DocDigitizer’s data capture engine based on Machine Learning is capable of understanding and capturing data from semantic patterns present in the document and generalizing those patterns across different domains and layouts.

DocDigitizer goes beyond layouts and instead mimics what a human mind does by taking into consideration semantic and structural information and using it to provide data capture with unrivaled precision.

How are we sure that the information is correct?

DocDigitizer’s review community works around the clock to deliver you trustworthy, human-quality data capture at scale. By combining our proprietary, state of the art machine learning algorithms with the precision of human supervision, we are able to ensure the same high level of accuracy for every single document.

Seem good? It gets even better over time! Our reviewers are key not only to deliver you a 99% accuracy on the data that is captured, but also to be continually teaching our machine-learning engine new models, new domains and new semantic information.