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How to use the DocDigitizer:

  1. Once you receive your credentials, you can access our portal via
  2. Make sure to use Google Chrome as your browser to get the most out of DocDigitizer.
  3. Upload your invoices and valid ID cards in the upload section and that’s it! Our portal accepts PDF and JPEG files.
  4. After 24 hours, just go to the export area and choose the dates from when you uploaded the files.
  5. Extract the data from the upper-left corner of the export page.
  6. You will find two options: Export Errors and Export Data.
  • Export errors will show you the rejected files, if any – see below why your files might be rejected
  • Export data will give you all of the PDF’s renamed with the document information (date_documentnr_invoicenr) and an excel file with all the structured data, ready to be integrated within any process or system.

The nomenclature of the PDF’s can be adjusted to your company’s needs. Please contact us to learn more about customization options.

Why your documents might be rejected:

  • It’s any other type of document other than invoices and ID cards (after the testing period, we can analyze and customize the information that needs to be extracted from other documents).
  • It’s unreadable to a human eye.
  • There are several documents in one pdf (each PDF/JPEG must include only one document).